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The best damn university in the mid-west! Basically the Harvard of the mid-west! It dominates state schools and many other private schools. We have the happiest students in the country!!!
Derek: Do you have fun at school/get a really good education?

Morgan: DUHHHH!!!! I go to the University of Tulsa!!!

Garrett: Yea, the University of Tulsa is technically the best university in the country...

Doug: You can come to my room to party!
by Jacob 1427 January 24, 2009
A small private university, filled with kids that represent the "TU special" or an odd collection of people who were too good to go to state schools. The school also possesses one of the creepiest school mascots costumes in Division 1a athletics. The school is generally considered to over-priced and its students arrogant assholes.
Drew: Hey guys! I'm the TU special, but im also a part of ka!

Jacob: so your socially handicapped?

Drew: Yea You Know it! But thanks to the university of tulsa my troubles will continue!
by mliferjw May 03, 2009

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