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Something they say about people who won't grow up out of high school probably because their whole world was high school. People who really annoy a lot of people during class who won't stop trying to one up everyone because they think it's so cool acting the way they are thus being The most immature people in college
Henry: Hey uncle! Their is this guy in college class who won't shut up. He keeps asking stupid questions like what the Spanish word is for pimp,ass, and bitch words like that are. He asked some girl out the first day he saw her just because she was hot and he wanted to one up all the other guys because of it, and the girl said no so now he's attacking everyone and spreading rumors. I heard he won't stop stalking the girl on MSN. His whole world was high school and he can't get past it and its EXTREMELY annoying. He also won't shut up about it in class and his friends seem to go with it.I'm sick of him trying to one up everyone including me.

Uncle Bob: What a loser. He has University of High School Syndrome.

Henry: Sounds right to me.
#high school #immaturity #university of high school sydrome #one upping #losers #idiots #thugs who think it's awesome to be in high school after two years of college #morons #guys you can't stand #annoying #dumb people #people in the back of a class who won't shut up #dicks
by browngirlsdonttakebs July 15, 2009
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