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A shithole place where everything is in walking distance and there is never anything fun to do. Mostly full of middle class working citizens, but known to other townships as a place to find a cheap young trailor trash whore to knock up. For fun, most kids leave the area and associate with other townships (except for neshannock) and also like to drink a lot of alcohol and/or smoke a little marijuana. Union kids are known to be of the toughest around town, always getting into fights and causing trouble around the county.
(Neshannock Girl)- "Hey mom, I'm going out on a date with that big dicked boy from Union Township tonight."

(Neshannock Girl's Mom)- "Oh no your not, he just beat up your brother and gang banged your best friend... Probably."
by DjTuhs2 January 11, 2010
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