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The best (and questionably the only) thing that ever came out of Quebec! A brewery that puts out high gravity beers such as Trois Pistoles, Fin du Monde, and (my favorite), Maudite.
Most of these beers are around 9% ABV. It's no wonder that on a visit to a Hull pub, I had a hard time walking a straight line after drinking 5 Maudites!
by Beer Hunter February 27, 2004
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A-1 Canadian craft brewer operating in Quebec. The beers offered are more to be enjoyed than chugged, as the flavours are more complex and fruity, with a strong pleasant aftertaste.
Man this trois pistoles is giving my taste buds a blow job. Those frenchies at Unibroue sure know how to make a good brew.
by Beertypeguy August 04, 2007

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