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Friend 1- Here dude you drive I drank too much.

Friend 2- Man no. Its like the car just -just cant handle me. If i were to get in that car and attempt to drive it the world would implode. Its just like that. Thats life

Friend 3- He's under the sheen. Lock him in a padded room

and we can wait to see if its reversible.

Person- That is so bitchin'

Cop- Sir, have you had anything to drink tonight? Im gonna need for you to breath into this.

Man- No i cant. Do you know what my breath would do if i breathed on that thing? It would probably kill you and all of your family. And maybe even every single person in the world.
Cop- Im gonna give you a ticket for being under the sheen, and then take you to an insane asylum.
by Life is bitchin' April 02, 2011
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