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The evil pedophile uncle of the deaf, dumb, and blind kid in The Who's Tommy.

He gets drunk and "fiddles about" when poor Thomas' parents aren't home.
Uncle Ernie was played by keith moon, their very fucking amazing drummer, in the movie version.
by Seen that movie way too often April 08, 2010
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1. A faceless benefactor who pays for lunches, dinners, happy hours and rounds of golf. In return, you must endure some type of Ernst & Young abuse

2. EY's way to make it up for the significant salary differences between you and your friends at PwC, KPMG and/or Deloitte
"Dude, don't order another round shots. It's like $120 bucks." "Don't worry. Let Uncle Ernie pick up this round."
by Rich Jeaneret July 22, 2008

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