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A sexual act in which a man freezes his excrement in a common household freezer for 8-10 hours. Afterwards, it is then taken out of the freezer, at which point the female uses it to masturbate. For maximum pleasure, it can be frozen along with the female's excrement and frozen for 24 hours.
Afterwards, both male and female simultaneously use it as a dildo, ass-to-ass or ass-to-vagina. The objective in this sexual 'game' is for the male and the female to ejaculate or cum, respectively, before the excrement starts to melt.
Man: Honey, I'm so bored of our lovemaking. Perhaps we should try something new?
Woman: I've heard about something called an Uncle Googemizer. Perhaps we should try it?

- 1 day later -

Man: Wow, that felt so great! We should do it again.
Woman: Indeed, but we must remember to buy more laxatives.
by Sora25322264 August 28, 2011
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