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the last living GOD; creator of heaven and Ass; creator of Man Juice; creator of the Bartholin glands; creator of nipples; creator of the G Spot; creator of Suction; creator of Spooge; creator of the Gluteal Cleft; creator of Tongues; creator of Swallowing; creator of Breasticles; creator of Pussy; creator of Clitoris; creator of Labia Majora; eater of all things Pussy; eater of all things Ass; appreciator of all things Moist and Girl;

Mythology surrounding Uncle Enore has it that he has earned all his wings, and is never afraid of girls.


Unc Am What He Am; crippled old hippy; curmudgeon; analinguist; cunnalinguist;

I AM A GOD! A GOD, I TELL mean...HE is a GOD...god get what I'm sayin' here...
Uncle Enore not only INVENTED oral sex, he has raised it to a highly disgusting art form.
by Uncle Enore February 04, 2010
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