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A rare generation born between 1975 and 1979 who ought to count themselves lucky at witnessing the Ulysses 31 series.

This generation X of kids grew up being lucky enough to watch the ground-breaking and one-off Ulysses 31 animated adventure series.
Written in France, animated by the Japanese and with English Vocals it struck a cord with many.
Broadcast only once in 1985 it was a profoundly deep and inspiring series which served (and still serves) as a moral compass and 'middle way' for kids and adults alike.

Featuring wandering spacefarers exiled to a mysterious galaxy. They are forced to search for a way back home, but on the way are thrust into all kinds of danger and adventure.
Compared to other cartoons the angle is more adult, violent and grown-up with the lead character - Ulysses (despite being married) acting similarly to his historical counterpart.
Similarly the moral dilema's faced also mean tough choices and sacrifices made, just like real life itself.

People from this generation are more likely to be somewhat defiant, struck with an adventurous/wanderlust heart and wary of authority.

The makers of Ulysses 31 went on to create the equally brilliant Mysterious Cities of Gold.

Kids born during this period can also be considered mysterious cities of gold, thundercats and he-man, depending on their choice in cartoons.
Do you remember that cool cartoon Ulysses?

Sure did man, I wish they made more cartoons like that now. All that came after the 80s was the 90s crap.

When were you born?

1977, the Ulysses Generation
by Perpetual Resonance February 24, 2009
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