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A nerd who is truly beyond redemption. The kind of nerd that other nerds make fun of.
You read the Halo novels? What kind of Ultra Nerd are you?
by CronoT August 24, 2008
Also known as a Tessa, it describes someone who is extermely nerdy. Someone that is more nerdy than a "SuperNerd" but less than a "GigaNerd".
OMG Tessa, you are the UltraNerd.
by crazy4harrypotter March 29, 2006
A nerd who surpasses all nerds in terms of nerdyness. This type of nerd has extensive knowledge of many topics, most of them revolving around movies and TV shows. They often have a MASSIVE collection of memorabilia and merchandise in their homes.
"Dude, our science teacher is such a nerd."
"Hell yeah he is! He's an ultranerd!"
by Just a Star Wars fangirl July 13, 2016
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