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(pronounced ult-TOE-miht)- is used by or to describe one who believes his or her very essense is an ULTIMATE gift from God to human beings, when in fact this person is actaully a dissasterous creature. They exasperate all wrongs in the world by following the ways of Slothism, Greedation, Lazeranity, and Slobbery. This person(s) use the word ULTIMATE to describe themselves but spits out the work ULTOMIT due to the dissatisfied view from nature on this person.
1. (said from The Ultomit D00D) "ah have to be ULTOMIT, D00D"

2. (said with malice and hate) "Man, your final paper is absolutely horrible, effortless, and you even spilled coke on it after your cat urinated all over the title page...BUT because you and this paper are so ultomit, the professor will definitely give it a 100, you lucky d00sh."

3. (dialogued with an Ernamik and Ultomit person)
Ultomit - "hey man check out my car, its totally ultomit dood!"
Ernamik - "you put dents all over the fenders, scratches all over the hood, cracked the glass, smoked the engine, stripped the automatic transmission, put trash and cat poo all on the seats and floor, and its the worst year for a Topaz...yep it's definitely ultomit, D00000D."

4. (dialogue with an ultomit person who plays video games)
Ultomit - "D00D, I'm so depressed cause this guy said for me to give him my grandfather sword and he will come back later to give me the item that we were going to trade, but he never came back, and my hardcore character died cause i was hacked"
Ernamik - "why dont you go cry about it some more ya ultomit pansie. Man you are so stupid, thats why you trade in a trade box you moron, now get out of my house cause you smell like shit"
by Xaar Xollyeux December 06, 2005
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