Con we git soms help oat teh site?
HalO: teh blade 2: this time he cnat speel
by DrChaos November 22, 2003
Top Definition
A very popular and efficient bot used to sit in channels on
My UltimateBot broke!
by larstait October 31, 2003
A sport that is often play in Northern part of New England by many locals in a small, unknown league called Ultimate Bot League(U.B.L.). This sport is not yet very popular world-wide because of the people who always say no to a new culture. It is a two-player game and requires a paper ball and a desk.
Ultimate Bot can potentially be a popular sport.
by Lance Lee February 10, 2011
A game/sport played in Northern New England as part of their culture.
In the winter, they held a friendly Bot/Ultimate Bot Tournament
by BotPlayer February 10, 2011
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