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Chamillionaire's second major album . It is the follow up album to The Sound Of Revenge. Set to release on March 27, 2006. His first single is going to be "Not a Criminal" featuring Kelis.
Chamillionaire's "Ultimate Victory" album is tight.
by Ntowncody January 16, 2007
Beyond that of a victory. This expression should be used whenever you get laid, when someone gets totally robocopped by you, or some other achievement that deserves more than the word "victory".
Dude #1: Dude, remember that girl from my AP Chemistry class?
Dude #2: Yeah?
Dude #1: She wanted to have sex with me. Man, we got it on!
Dude #2: Boner!
by Ownageism God September 14, 2004
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