The act or rubbing your genitals on an unwilling victims face.
Oh man I just pulled an Ulric on Mark! Got my junk right in his face, lulz.
by PCness January 19, 2011
Top Definition
Name of german origin, used to describe a kind hearted man. Tranlsates, to man of the wolves. This is why Ulric's are independant creatures when it comes to the hunt, but need the protection of their pack to survive. They can be unscocial but are good lovers to the lucky person that catches their eye.

Althought he is a very good friend, Ulric has a short temper and can be quite aggressive. They are there to defend you but will also most likely be the ones to attack you. Ulric's can be vulnerable, this is the reason why they do not get far in life, the fear of failure.
Look there's Ulric, he's so great.
by Gah-brep-brep February 09, 2010
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