Top Definition
The Highest complement you can give
Daniell is Uh-mazing
by Mr.Uh-mazing! October 22, 2008
the elongation (opposite of abbreviation) of amazing. defined by excitement, bewilderment, and amazement. like, uh - this is amazing.
wow this cookie is uhmazing.
by hxpe November 10, 2010
The highest complement you can give or recive
Danielle is so Uh-Mazing
by Mr.Uh-mazing October 07, 2008
Anything that is a bit better than amazing. Its just with more of an emphasis on the first "a"
Dude, that show was uh-mazing. I'm gonna be talking about it for te next 3 years.
by Redhotburn January 16, 2006
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