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Furry, Clown shoes

They look funny and just because you wear them it makes you popular, but they are very ugly. They resemble clown shoes with fur. Only wanna be's wear them. The Ug in Uggs stands for Ugly
by SSIILLLY GURLLL 111111111 March 11, 2010
14 22
A shout of frustration,anger or confusion.

UGG You're a douchefag.
by Reginnaldo April 16, 2008
36 46
1. a type of boot

2. an ugly person/thing
1. Dude, those uggs are so ugly!

2. Dude, that fat bitch is uggs
by jamairoquai June 12, 2006
61 72
Boots, though often called ugly, that are perfectly necessary no matter what anyone says. You may call them a fashion trend or something people wear just because other people do. but i know i wear my uggs cause their warm and comfy as hell.
omg its snowing and freezing. im so glad im wearing uggs cause my feet are SOOO warm!
by Laura emmm October 01, 2009
12 24
new slang word for love.
I uggs you, baby.
by _Genesis_ May 12, 2009
8 26
Generic term for sheepskin footwear.
Go put your ugg boots or uggs on.
by Michelle Jansen August 24, 2003
41 70
uggs are the brand name of the gayest boot ever made. they were meant to be worn in the damn snow, not with hot pink mimiskirts and black t-shirts!
those uggs on that chick over there look so disgusting. its 88º outside!
by a person. February 10, 2005
90 122