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Uber Virgin describes a person who is a more than just a regular, virgin who has never had sex. An Uber Virgin is some who has not only never had sex but also has never done other things sexual and/or pertain to a relationship such as never been kissed, never gone on a date, never had a girlfriend/boyfriend, never cuddled/caressed, sexted, phone sex, has never held a girls or guys had they were emotionally attached to because they never got that close.

ITo never have anything related to a relationship because they never get close and depresses the majority of Uber Virgins for never having experienced pleasure. Even some people have never had phone sex or sexted pics or txts and resort to porn to fill their sadness but only fills temporarily before being sad again never makes them happy because it’s a constant reminder to them what they still have no pleasured.

Some choose to want to lose it all for the right person but others aren’t Uber Virgins by choice. Being an Uber Virgin feels so depressing to most they want to make sure no one ever knows because the fear of someone finding out and being exploited.

People also associated Uber Virgin definition with other things, such as drugs, parties, and other desires that they never got to try out and probably want to.
Example 1
Tom: Hey i was on Bill's secret Facebook and pretended to be a chick and i found out Bill is an Uber Virgin!!!

Jim: GTFO he is almost 40 years old holy shit. That’s worse than being a regular virgin. We have to help him because if he doesn’t get a girl by 40 i would kill myself if i were him. I wouldn't want to be a 40 year old Uber Virgin not even a movie about that can be entertaining, it would just be depressing.

Example 2
Sara: Hey Jane your straight right?

Jane: Ya?

Sara: Hey Jane how many guys you had sex with?

Jane: None.

Sara: None! You’re a Virgin? How many you kissed then? Or had phone sex or sexted?

Jane: Yes i am and none either.

Sara: WTF?! How many BFs have you had?

Jane: Never had one

Sara: No fucking way you’re in your 30s babe and you are an Uber Virgin. That’s i we are going back to my place and fixing this problem, I don’t care if we are friends and your straight i can't let you live like this.

Jane: No, i want to wait for the right guy and I have no interest in women

Sara: Hun if no guy has held your hand and the right guy hasn't come yet he is never going to come.

Jane: fuck you right Sara i can't do this anymore. Fine since you’re the only person to ask and you treat me so well then fine. Just make it worth losing

Sara: Don't worry i know how to treat a woman, I’m bi remember and i have practice. You will want to be my GF and turn bi too after i give you an amazing O from my amazing tongue tornado.
by DaTrueDefinition August 20, 2011
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