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A decent country that has had it's interesting history and nice parks ruined by McDonald's and George W. Bush. Most Americans don't know the difference between Britain and England (I'm the only student in my school who does).
Not all Americans are fat, stupid, and ignorant, but most are.
The USA has an interesting History and nice parks, but our reputation is so bad no one else in the world really gives a fuck.
by starwarsgeek133 July 21, 2010
The two time, back to back, world war champions.
Person 1: did u hear about USA.

Person 2: the world war champs? F*** yeah! We're the best country in the world.
by Bob the knob July 22, 2014
The greatest country in the history of man. Helps World, World hates. But we don't care, because we can run your ass over the M1 Abram. First to be called in, last to walk out.
France: FUCK YOU AMERICA! *Germany Invades* HELP US AMERICA!
USA: Meh, ok
by Americantillidie April 20, 2011
A big country using up precious space between Canada and Mexico. Despite constantly claiming to be a superior country above all others the USA is hated by 99.9% of the rest of the world. This is mostly do to the fact that almost all of the people are ignorant of the entire world around them (The only other country that exists to them besides their own is whatever country their currently in war with, usually for oil), taking way too much credit where they don't deserve, especially WWII (You came last minute and dropped a couple of bombs in Japan killing over 100,000 civilians, indeed, you should feel very proud -.-) and also for sticking their nose in the affairs of countries that don't need or want their help.

To be fair, there are many decent Americans but they get overshadowed by the stupidity around them.
Oh look, Egypt is having a revolution... oh no... for the love of God USA, don't get involved!
by Sereia February 11, 2011
A country of Big Macs, a few hundred million of which think they are human.
"Hi! I come from the USA"
"So you like Big Macs?"
by 0800helll June 03, 2014
A country Urban dictionary hates because they don't let people post anything good about it because they are a bunch of unpatriotic pieces of shit.

-Love USA
by tyev13 April 17, 2013
The country that is used by the rest of the world as a punching bag. Got a problem? Blame the USA. mostly ripped on by Brits who have nothing better to do and cant admit problems within their own country, Basing all united states citizens off of George bush. While it has the second best economy in the world and the greatest military since the roman empire, these things are overlooked for stereotypes. Contrary to popular belief, it is an amazing country to live in and I personally wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Fuck this weather has been terrible !

Yea I know, those bloody yanks fucked us over again.


Troll: All americans are fat, ignorant and war-hungry!
Fuck the USA!

Logical person: Umm, have you ever been there?

Troll: Well.. No.. But the BBC told me so it must be true, right?
by Guesswhatimamerican October 18, 2011