Still the best alternative to jail time when offered in a court of law.
OK Mom, sure I could get killed in Iraq, but then we all die anyway, right? You want I should do a year in Rykers Island or Attica? At least in the US Army I'll die with dignity. Besides Ma, the food might even be better.
by Crispus Attucks October 13, 2005
Acronym (Backwards):

Y yes
M my
R retarded
A ass

S signed
U up
I can't believe my retarded ass signed up! US ARMY
by Roger Flemming May 17, 2007
A cross between the Romans and Cletus from the Simpsons.
To get into the US Army you have to knock over every hurdle at the Special Olympics.
by frick3 February 24, 2010
The army currently located in the United states of America.

During the Iraq war they were the first equiped with Desert Camo. Canada still used Forest Camo. The united states still shot 4 Canadians.

The US Army will shoot anything that moves.
US Army: "Remember. Kill them all!"
Canadian Military: "Hey, what's up?"
US Army: "AhhhH! Talking tree!"
*4 canadian's died*
by |Canadian-Guy| January 23, 2011
The most elite mobile ground combat force in the world.
The U.S. Army pwns. >=o
by JJboo February 15, 2009
The Israeli army. Ignorant neocon stormtroopers too oblivious to realize they serve Israel and not the United States.
The US Army got duped into perpetrating Operation Israeli Freedom.
by dickhole09 March 14, 2010
The most powerful army, even though it's easy to beat the crap out of everyone when you're the less drunk of the world( 2% beer) and that everyone (with exceptions) has to go through it.
they put alot of publicy on it too (america's army and stupid commercials)
-how about joining the us army?
-ok. Why not?
by Gabriel P. May 15, 2005

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