japs stuck in the city
JAPs (jewish american Prince(ss)) suck
by gossip girl September 01, 2003
Top Definition
1. When living in the city or city life in general has taken its toll on an individual.

2. A grave sickness contracted from living in the midst of an urban city dwelling or lifestyle,

3. Often a breaking point when one goes insane and is overwhelmed with a feeling to leave everything behind and go 'Hippy Commando' out in the backwoods or the middle of nowhere.
I have a bad case of urbanitis ..i must escape to greener pastures ...

ooo yeah ... im goin to go postal on your City Slicker azz ... blame it on the Urbanitis.
by McGosh August 20, 2010
a disease causing one to be obsessed with looking different words up on urbandictionary.com. Usually, the person is so addicted, they let everyone know what words "really mean"
Cindy-"did you know my name means slut?"
Marcy-"where did you hear that from?...Urban dictionary again?"
Cindy-"yess...how'd you know?"
Marcy-"face it Cindy...you have a bad case if Urbanitis"
by FakeMarcy March 11, 2010
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