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Someone who spends far too much time adding words into the Urban Dictionary
'That a good one for the self proclaimed urban dic'
by VICKI KARMA November 13, 2006
The act of looking a word up on urban dictionary. The "dic" is pronounced like dick.
Hey man what does that word mean?

I dunno dog urbandic it.
by XxTokerxX4Life July 24, 2008
verb: to look up a term on urban dictionary.
I have no clue what that means. Here, let me urban dic it.
by UrbanBankDick April 07, 2010
Someone who uses too many phrases from Urban Dictionary, therefore coming off as a total pretentious dick.
Guy 1: Hey how's it going?

Guy 2: Oh you know, I was having this wicked convo with hipster-Jim earlier about this new band, but then I called bullshit on him because I realized he is just a googlesearch fan. What a PAB.

Guy 1: …You are such an urban dic.
by bananainspain March 31, 2011
Person who uses words, phrases, lingos from urban dictionary in his conversations.

Urban dics for plural.
Manan: Nipun, you are such a time vampire.
Nandita: Thats so true.. and add to that, you have that inverse midas touch.
Ashwini: Wish i cud find an escape from your verbal handcuffs.
Nipun: Shut up - u r one bunch of urban dic(s)!!!
by 100gods June 08, 2010
A friend you can't trust.
You're all acting like Bipolar Urban Dics. I don't trust any of you!
by urban.legends April 16, 2013
A keen user of unrbandictionary.com, a lil' bit geeky, a lil' bit dickish, but in a good way.
Have you seen the newly defined word? Troop along and see, all ye faithful urbandics!
by Intensity April 15, 2011