United Model Congress

The greatest club that ever lived.
Master debaters that congregate for several weekends a year to hangout, have coed sleepovers, and DEBATE!
I love Model Congress
Yea me too man, imma be so sad when Im a senior and I have to say goodbye to UMC!
by A UMC delegate May 02, 2010
Top Definition
Upper Middle Class - the very top layer of the middle class.

People who think nothing of spending $4.50 on a coffee, think getting change from $10 for a sandwich/loaf of sourdough or $20 from a cocktail is a great deal, are prone to saying "Oh, I looooove foreign films", are overeducated yet underskilled, can't cook anything except toast because they eat out three times a day, adore Steve Jobs, say words like "problematic" when they really mean "bad", describe the inhabitants of their preferred Developing World holiday destination as "such a beautiful people", whose parents pay their rent and who rarely "check" their own "privilege", complain of being "soooo busy" while they are freelancing at a cafe, are generally kidults, etc etc etc.
UMC #1: God, I'm so broke this week, I'll have to opt for this inexpensive $40 prosecco for Rococco's birthday.
UMC #2: How embarrassment.
by Notorious L.O.Z. February 24, 2015
Unintended Mexican Children. Children of Mexican families that are obviously not wanted.
Lets go to Ross. No it is like a third world county just full of UMCs.
by tacosauce1 August 18, 2011
U Mad Corny (you're mad corny) the person you refer this to is silly, tried to tell a joke that failed, purposely does something to aggravate or please someone or purposely does something he/she knows will get a negative response.
girl: i miss you

boy: I miss you like a bee miss the flowers

girl: lol umc

guy: dude you going partying later on?
guy2: nah ima play my new video game tonight

guy: umc
by jorise25 February 12, 2012
Stands for Under Major Construction.
Rob: Hey, how's your house going?
Tom: UMC, man.
Rob: What?
Tom: Under Major Construction.
by Twiddles. July 01, 2009
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