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UKChatterbox (n) - A web-chat orientated chatroom, run by a team of dedicated staff, who dedicate a portion of there time to strictly moderate, and help keep the server running, as a volunteer.

The text above is infact irony. The staff dont care, they come on when they like, and the server is more unstable than a soufflé.
Fred: Hey Sam, you heard about that chatsite, UKChatterbox?
Sam: No, what's it like?
Fred: Well they have loads of channels for loads of different stuff.
Sinister Voice: Haha, UKChatterBox, if you want to be pushed around by dictators, and thrown off the service for the slightest little thing, go ahead, but I'd use FSIRC, its cool, stable, and you can do what you want...
by LiquidAtom June 17, 2008

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