- You Go For Her/Him
- Universal Girlie Fashion Health
- Union of Girl Friend Hurt
- Units of German Foreclosure House
- Used Goods Four Hundreds
- Used Good For Hire
- Union of Global Female Healer
- Utensils of Glory Fundamental Household
- Undervalue Golden Furniture Handmade
- Union of German Film House
- Union of Good Fair Hospital
- Union of Girlie FAshion House
- Ultra Good Food for Hepatitis
- Ultimate Genius French Housewife
- Uniform Garments Fabrication House
- University of Game fabrication Hardware
UGFH means Bienvenue sur le site de l'Union des Groupes Folkloriques de l'Hérault
by Wawan May 14, 2007
Top Definition
It's an exaggerated UGH with a Fuck in the middle. Use in IM or texting when your having a very crappy day or in a really stressful situation.
UGFH, I'm having the worse day EVER!!!
by Jenaye August 22, 2007
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