In reference to the skiing and snowboarding industry, UFO stands for uncoordinated fucking orient. Applies to all the asian, indian etc. punters who cant ski or board worth a damn and will never be able to - why? Because they are a UFO.
That UFO just stacked it for the 50th time!

I hate teaching UFOs. Its a waste of time!!
by miniseaweed July 31, 2009
Ugly,Fat and old
"I'm A UFO looking for a middle aged male..."

"I pulled a UFO last night"
by Edward Smith February 23, 2007
Knitting term, stands for UnFinished object. Often used on Knitting Blogs.
"i still have alot of UFO's to work on thiss weekend"
by Othlon December 17, 2006
Nickname for LSD.

Or more commonly known as an Unidentified Flying Object(alien)
How do you like my UFO?
by Awful May 29, 2006
A term used for objects that people can't tell what it really is. They are believed to carry aliens and monsters of other worlds.

The term 'Unidentified Flying Object' is a contradiction because the moment you see the object, it is identified. Therefore the proper term *should* be 'Incorrectly Identified Flying Object'
dude, I just seen one a' dem UFOs they's been talkin' about on the TV box. It's gonna probe our asses, Jimmy. *spills the beer*
by sukigen kami January 20, 2005
United Fools Organization
Kanye West: nah nah nah nah, that dont kill us
it only make us stronger. I belong to ufo baby
by 666-667 January 01, 2008
much like the original definition, used to describe somebody unfamiliar, not from your neighborhood or circle.
"who's that kid in the hat over there?"
"I don't know, man. he's UFO."
by dano whatever May 20, 2005

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