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A person who "reinvents the wheel" by posting non-slang, Wikipedia-like (or definitions to Urban Dictionary. Come on sheeple, awaken and get a clue!

Urban Dictionary is supposed to be a place where slang, coined words, ghetto slang (ebonics), teenspeak, regional colloquialisms and other neologisms are defined for the benefit of others (preferably with some wit and humor).

Abbreviations and acronyms of non-slang words/terms are also acceptable as long as they are briefly defined (and don't then morph into an encyclopedic reference).
Contrasting examples:

MISOGYNIST (UDtard definition): A woman hater.

MISOGYNIST (slang definition): A man who wins an argument with a feminist.


RACIST (UDtard definition): Someone who feels racially superior, and exercises prejudice or negative attitudes towards people of a different skin color.

RACIST (slang definition): A statement of surrender during an argument.

When two people are engaged in an acrimonious debate, the one that first says "Racist!" has conceded defeat. Synonymous with saying "Resign" during a chess game.

"Racist" acquired this new meaning when debaters (predictably) used the term as an argument of last resort. (They couldn't prevail against logic, truth, and common sense, so they played the race card to try and eek out a victory).


CLOWN (UDtard definition): a circus performer known for their comic antics, exaggerated physical features, brightly colored costumes, and heavy use of stage make-up.

CLOWN (slang definitions): 1. A person who is humorous without intention, therefore is a dumb mutha.

2. A girl who covers herself in so much makeup, the true flesh of her face is difficult or impossible to see.


Do you see the difference in these examples??? UD is for entertainment, so keep that in mind as you add words in the future--no more boring, unimaginative stuff! You're dismissed.
by One Stark Reality May 11, 2009
Unexcitingly one stark-reality is those submitted definitions are unbrilliant (most unnotably the floytipated, ebonics, obamics, and engrish)
one stark Reality is Massively UDtarded
by Microsoftly January 14, 2013
One stark-reality is that his submitted definitions are antibrilliant (especially the obamanomics, ebonics, obamics, raving, and engrish)
one stark Reality is Massively UDtarded
by Microsoftly January 14, 2013
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