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A UDC (Urban Dictionary Critic) is a person who logs on to Urban Dictionary looking for a real or serious definition. When a UDC comes across a definition that contains a hint of humor, sarcasm, or bashes one of his beliefs, he will then proceed to give it a "thumbs down" and fume about the definition for hours.
Joey: Hey, so I see your Jesus Christ definition got a load of people giving it a thumbs down.

Jessica: Yeah, some UDC's just don't like the thought of Jesus not existing.
by skifreemt April 13, 2010
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A rap group from Lawrence Kansas. U.D.C. stands for Undisputed Champz, they work with G.Q. from Da Bombsquad.
u kno da clique is u.d.c.
by unkickable ass nigga August 28, 2008
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