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An overconsumption of URBAN DICTIONARY that leads to a variety of conditions, each user may experience one (1) or more unique side-effect from this OD of semi-intellectual stimulation: lower back pain, carpaltunnel, fatigue, blearyeyes, urinary seepage, "zoning", divorce, witareah, unemployment, known to the state of califonia to cause birth rejects,(no time for foreplay), Your results may not be listed above, Your rights vary from state to state. Not valid in Alaska, Peurto Rico or Hawaii,. There is no known cure approved by the FDA. In an Independent study: Has been shown to diminish the 4 hour Hard-On, (a potential side effect of viagra, cialus, etc.).
I think I just UD'd I think I just UD'd I think I just UD'd I think I just UD'd I think I just UD'd... therefore... I am.
by terryzz February 18, 2009
An adjective modifier, used to communicate a heightened state of the modified condition. See also mad.
Damn, Pier's cousin Mikki is udd fine.
by Ross Sclafani July 06, 2005
Short for urban dictionary'd

Used when you look up a slang word in Urban Dictionary because you were clueless about what it meant

Josh: Stop being such a fucking douche bag and get a life. Man what a goon gotta do to get his guap. You think you're the shitznit when really I'm the only BAMF around here.

Cody: Oh yea well ur nothing but an... *goes on urban* oops oreo for talking like that in the first place, ya dig??

Matt: Dude how the fuck did u even understand what he was saying???

Cody: Urban dictionary dude

Matt: Heck ya *high fives* That's bad ass!! U totally UD'd that shit

by One badass motherfucker July 20, 2008
A rather amusing name for a girls nipples, usually prompting a slap in the face to the guy that said it...
Your Udds look nice today baby, "slap"
by Brian alun January 04, 2010
Urban Dictionary Disorder. An abnormal obsession with posting words on Urban Dictionary. Sometimes a competition between two limp-cock fag fuckers who have nothing else to do in their spare time and appear to get off when they get the "approved" e-mail.
Chris and Nick just got diagnosed with U.D.D. last week. They have since had trouble with dealing with the reality of the illness. They are seeking the help of support groups, along with going balls deep in each others' ass-holes, and doing cockstands in their spare time instead of getting on U.D. Good for them shitdecks. Word.
by thebonerboss April 02, 2009
Short for UK Deficiency Disorder.
Overall sadness of not currently living in the UK.
Some symptoms are:
- Leaving your computer clock/time zone to the UK one.
- Leaving your google to redirect to
- Still talking in UK slang, for ex: saying "cheers" instead of thanks and calling everyone "love"
- extensive crying when remembering your time in the UK
Not fully treatable, but can be managed with copious amounts of cider/beer in establishments resembling English style pubs.
"I got the mad case of the UDD."
"I need some cider, because my UDD is getting serious."
by dkukov July 17, 2014
Acronym for Under the Desk Duty. Used as an extreme alternative to sucking up or brown nosing. Referring to being under your boss' desk performing oral sexual favors.
Person 1: Where's Betty?
Person 2: I believe she has UDD this week with Mark, the boss.
by kitesoldier September 16, 2008
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