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The most no name school in New York. If they give you a "scholarship" it means "MAYBE you'll get this IF you apply and get over a 4.0 and we pick you out of many other applicants. :) Yet somehow we still let in kids with a GPA of 2.5 and higher." U of Rochester probably will never be considered a real school. Ever. Where's the fun at this school? Oh right, no where, since you have a bunch of kids that could have gone elsewhere but chose a safe school cuz it costs less and is worth less.
-"Hey where are you going to school?"
-"Oh well I just got into U of Rochester."
-"So where the hell is it?"
-"Oh it's in North Ass New York, drive for about 14 hours through nothingness and you'll eventually get there!"
-"Sweet, good luck, I'm sure as hell not visiting."
by baker45 December 04, 2006
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