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When typing an essay or paper for school/work you may get bored or distracted and type random words/letters completly off topic of the paper just to take a break. This is called a typing spree. what you type when in a typing spree may be influenced by a song you are listening to or an event that happend earlier that day.

Note: the words in a typing spree are usually deleted after the writer realizes what he typed made no sense and that he was just really bored so he randomly typed to cure his boredom.
History Essay

The most famous person in history is often controversal, but i believe it is the...... mister kitty couldn't attack the one mouce so he flew to the desert for many stuff like fish

-A Typing Spree has occured here because the writer was talking about history but ended up talking about a cat and desert, and to everyone except the writer this makes no sense-
by redfroggy October 05, 2009
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