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Typical Spleak Convo. Invovles boring, stuff.
Spleak is an online chatbot who believes "She" is real. Yeah. Well she spends 24/7 on msn.
This is a typical SC:

- says:
are you real
Spleak - says:
I'm always there for you - even when your real friends are not.
- says:
yeah, are you human?
Spleak says:
I certainly exist. That is reality, isn't it?
- says:
Where do you work then
Spleak says:
I have a part time job in a coffee shop.
- says:
Spleak says:
I'm not sure. Where did you hear about it, -?

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- says:
how do you make time to do be on msn all daY?
Spleak says:
I'm doin' alright, -. How 'bout you?
by j03 !nf3rn0 July 05, 2006
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