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A Hacker is a individual who, through practice, has developed the skill required to manipulate The Mainframe of a Computer. Hackers are divided into several catagories or "Classes" depending on what they do:

White Hat: A White Hat is a Hacker paid and working for a Goverment Agency to deliberately Hack into a Computers Mainframe to find any potential Weak Points in a Computer's Mainframe, and then figure out how to fix them.

Black Hat: A Black Hat is a Hacker who is Agressive in Nature. Black Hat's are known to create Zombie Computers by use of a Computer Virus, which the Black Hat will then use to crash a website unless their demands are met. Black Hats are generally very intellegent in nature and will work in Groups (Nicknamed "Wolf Packs" by Internet Users) to bring down larger websites (Some Highly-Skilled Groups of Black Hats have even been known to crash Goverment Agencies). Black Hats are VERY DANGEROUS, especially in groups, and should be treated as such, there is also a more passive version of the Black Hat known as the Grey Hat, which shall be discussed later. Also note that, after being caught, most (If not all) Goverment-Targeting Black Hats are recruted by the Agency that caught them and turned into a Red Hat.
The White Hat's name stems from the Final Fantasy Character class White Mage, due to the fact that both a White Hat and a White Mage serve a Defensive/Protective Role.

The Black Hat's name come from the Final Fantasy Character Class Black Mage, due to the fact that both Black Hat's and Black Mages' serve a Offensive/Agressive Role.

The Nickname for a Group of Black Hats working togther to crash a website ("Wolf Packs" in case you forgot) originally comes from the nickname given by Allied Sailors to Groups of German U-Boats working together to destroy Allied Supply Convoys during World War II.

The Grey Hat's name comes from the fact that a Grey Hat is halfway between a Black Hat and a White Hat, and can be both Harmful and Helpful.

Special Thanks to Chuck, for coming up with the original idea of "The Hats." Without his idea this definition would not exist.
by Volimer January 31, 2010
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Grey Hat- A Grey Hat is a Hacker who is part White Hat and part Black Hat. They can be both helpful and harmful, and should be treated with respect.

Red Hat- A Red Hat is an Agressive Version of a White Mage in the employ of a Goverment Agency whose purpose is to hack into the Computer Mainframes of other Goverments with the Goal of Disabling or Cripping them.

Blue Hat- A Blue Hat is a Rouge Hacker who hacks for fun or to get revenge on a certain person or company who may have angered them. You should avoid angering or offending Blue Hats, this should be very easy due to the fact that most Blue Hats are passive in nature and would rather practice on a person that they REALLY hate. Blue Hats are akin to "Noobs" due to the fact that they don't really care that much about hacking.

Green Hat- A Green Hat is a name for a New/Newb Hacker, who is just starting to practice hacking. Green Mages are akin to "Newbs" due to the fact that they show a desire to learn about hacking and listen to more experienced hackers, and also they don't suffer from the ADHD-like Noobdom of Blue Hats.
The Red Hat's name comes from the Final Fantasy Character Class Red Mage, due to the fact that a Red Hat is a Agressive version of a White Hat and that a Red Mage can learn both Offensive and Defensive Spells.

ADHD stands for "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder."

The Green Hat's name comes from the fact that "Green" is a term for Fresh, New, and Inexperienced.

Special thanks to Chuck for coming up with the original concept of White Hats, Black Hats, and Grey Hats. Without his original idea for them, this definition would have never existed.
by Volimer January 31, 2010
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