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The stereotypical traits of certain people when they're drunk.

Exhibit A: Weepy, Hysterical Drunk.

Exhibit B: The Angry, Pissed Off Drunk.

Exhibit C: Girl Who Turns Into A Stripper Drunk

Exhibit D: Happy, Giggly Drunk

Exhibit E: Needy, Clingy Drunk
Ryan: Michelle, considering this is your first time being drunk, I'll walk you through the types of drunk.

Michelle: Ok.

Ryan: First example-the weepy/hysterical drunk. A fine example would be ellie crying to ted over there.

Michelle: Oh.

Ryan: Second example- the angry/pissed off drunk. Another example would be sarah screaming at ben by the front door.

Michelle: Woah.

Ryan: Third example- the girl who becomes a stripper drunk. Here's an example of Miranda taking off her clothes in front of Jake.

Michelle: Wow.

Ryan: Fourth example- the happy/giggly drunk. A fine example is Morgan and Madalyn laughing as if there's no tomorrow.

Michelle: Incredible.

Ryan: Fifth example- the needy/clingy drunk. a great example would be you clinging to my shoulder tonight.
by the_man_of_the_hour33 March 01, 2011
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