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A character in penny-arcade who is known to be the pimp of gabe. Tycho is the man in the relationship to make a long story short

Gabe "I have to take it again..."
by D.C. July 14, 2003
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Tycho, commonly known by his formal pimp name,"Tycho in the purple suit," is the older brother of A Pimp Named Slickback. He deals purple meth all about the northeast using his extensive resterant chain,"die geizig Huhn."
He can only be described by one word, and one word only: baller.

He's the Mac of Macs.

by _Mac October 29, 2013
Tycho Brache is the brown haired penny-arcade cartoon-character. He has a worship dungeon under his room and is known to beat Gabe for a golden watch. he is also the one that comments and posts, and doesnt really draw as much. equally funny yo gabe
Gabe - I am the soul calib- - - ahhh
*tycho hits gabe with a shovel and takes his watch*
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
The less attractive, yet equally hilarious character on (See Gabe)
"You really pulled a Tycho there, dying in that dumb/wimpy way you did."
by :D May 31, 2003

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