To scare off members of the female gender.
"Hey! Those girls just looked at you staring at them and touching yourself, and ran away! You fucking twombly!
by Dave March 12, 2003
Top Definition
From the novel chesapeake by James A. Michener.
1. A huge gun that blasts the hell out of ducks
2. An ass so unblieveably juicy that the only word to describe it is twombly.
1. I'm gonna go hunting today. Should I take the 12 guage or the twombly?
2. Damn that girls ass is so fat its a...twombly.
by Ripfire 900 July 28, 2005
A stupid or dumb remark or action.
"To pull a twombly"
by Brian March 12, 2003
v. To take advantage of a girl who's shitfaced and rolling.
"He twombly-ed that girl at Umass...what a pathetic loser. Can't he get laid like a normal person? Or does he have to prey on the defenseless ones when everyone leaves?"
by Dave March 13, 2003
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