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Two-Hundred Pounder too hun-drid poun-der:
(n.) - 1. A sizeable man, 2. One who personifies characteristics of manliness.3.A man known for wearing T-Shirts larger than M and pants larger than 34”. (adj.) - An envious term for an individual/event that is oft envied.
Origin: U.S.A., Southern District of FL. English Vernacular.
1. The smaller, weaker men cowered in the corner while the two-hundred pounder had his fill.
2. The two-hundred pounder could bench press more parties than the sobers.
1. Rookie Partier: “Broseph, that party was raging last night!”
Veteran Partier: “I know, that party was obviously two-hundred pounds.”
by Terrence Barnsworth November 14, 2008
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