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One of the best shows on T.V.
"two and a half men is the best show ever!"-Fan
by Michael Jackson's brother. August 24, 2009
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One of the worst shows on television. Unfortunately, it has high idiot appeal, and therefore does well in the ratings.
A: Hey, you want to watch Two and a Half Men?

B: No that show's not funny. Let's re-watch Arrested Development instead.
by vandelayindustries January 16, 2011
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A sitcom on CBS that, like most sitcoms created by Peter Lorre, is successful despite being shamelessly uninnovative and completely predictable. In it, Charlie Sheen - playing himself, more or less - moves in with his dorky, recently divorced brother (played by Jon Cryer) to help him raise his son. Despite its low ambitions, it is an acceptable viewing choice if nothing else is on. However, its achievements cannot be ignored. Two and a Half Men gave Jon Cryer a role to be remembered for aside from Duckie in Pretty in Pink, and Charlie Sheen singlehandedly revived the popularity of the bowling shirt. Keep your expectations low and you'll probably enjoy it.
I only watched that episode of Two and a Half Men because it just happened to come on the channel I was watching and I couldn't find the remote. It wasn't bad though. Not great, but not bad, either.
by roundthewheel October 08, 2007
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A comedy show on CBS, based originally on Charlie Harper, played by Charlie Sheen. A hedonistic bachelor and jingle writer who spends his time drinking, womanizing and gambling. His life changes for the worse when his divorced brother Alan and nephew Jake move in.
I'm bored, let's watch Two and a Half Men.
by Online Fan November 19, 2016
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A CBS sitcom starring Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper, a lazy, womanizing, sex-crazed, perverted, underachieved and free-spirited bachelor who lives with his brother and nephew. It is a filthy and often offensive sitcom that focuses on Charlie Sheen's real-life sexual addicition.
Two and a Half Men is the most offensive, filthy show to ever air on American television and should be pulled off the air. CBS should be sued by the FCC for airing it.
by krock1dk September 22, 2007
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