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When you try to jam both of your nuts in a girl's asshole. It's supposed to be as difficult as keeping two live dogs in a bathtub together.
i got one nut in her ass, but i couldnt manage the two dogs in a bathtub.
by billy poopluvr May 04, 2004
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When you try to stuff a set of nuts in a woman's asshole. In turn is as impossible as washing "two dogs in a bath tub".
"This bitch's ass was so loose that I had to give her the two dogs in a bath tub treatment."
by jgf July 19, 2006
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When you get 1 dog and stick its entire head up a females ass and then get another dog and put just its tail in the womans vagina. THen take her to the bathroom and get both dogs completely wet. They'll flail around making her cum instantly!
Henry helped out Kara by giving her the special Two Dogs In A Bathtub.
by Kladooglel August 29, 2008
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