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Given a unanimous score of 2 (presumably out of 10) for one's cannonball into a lion's mouth.
The Ugly One: "I want presents! I WANT PRESENTS!!" *Cannonball!*
Lion: Chomp!
Judges: Two'd!
by Artscrafter August 06, 2004
from the word "twat". this is to make yourself look a fool, to act like a prat.
"Don't be such a twod".
"Haha Oh my God you twod!"
by *c@rlzburg* March 24, 2005
A person who is retardedly incorrect, and is not expected to get anywhere in life
"Did you see that guy's test result?"

"I know, what a twod!"
by The Teacher, PhD in swearing July 15, 2009
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