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Expresses the enjoyment of some particular occurrence, item, person, etc.

The two towels are used to soak up the ejaculate of the person doing the enjoying. (This is a figurative ejaculate and not a literal one, but it works either way) 1 Towel would usually be enough, but the extreme pleasure necessitates the use of 2 towels instead of 1.

Originated from an episode of "Drawn Together."
I can't believe Iron Maiden is performing tomorrow! I am going to need two towels!
by The Count of Comics August 04, 2009
8 0
a guy who uses two towels, one for his tits and one for bottom half.
Randy is the twotowels of this world.
by gangster November 14, 2003
2 1
wearing two towels while living the bath room after a shower. One for your small package and the other for your large man tits.
Randy is a two towel he has big man tits
by big mike November 14, 2003
6 15