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similar to a one night stand

when two individuals are thinking "hmm... maybe we should do that again" immediately following an initial one night stand. So the next night, they get it on once more.
What'd you do friday and saturday night??

I had a two night stand with some chick!

by hardhitr3 July 14, 2009
Spending more than one night with someone who makes your toes curl
That girl is definitely a two night stand
by Celeryexpert October 25, 2014
Having a one night stand that is followed by a second night of long sex with the sex partner. After the second night stand, if you recieve no texts or phone calls and you loose all hope of maybe forming a relationship with this person, then you were just a cheap two night stand.
Are Trenna and Craig dating?" "No they fucked twice, but thats it." "Damn, thats a two night stand.
by igrowtrees January 07, 2011
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