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First coined by Twitter user @H0llywoodWh0re to describe entertainment though the public content on Twitter.
Health care plan? How about free health care on Twitter for the fuckwits.. until I guess Tweepies will have quality 'Twittertainment'.

He's my Twittertainment since he decided moronic fuckwit was his new day job.

Quality Twittertainment, I love how the current events tend to arrive earlier though Twitter.

@H0llywoodWh0re, follow her because she's open, opinionated, and she's a 'Twittertainment' Twitter addict.
by H0llywoodWh0re July 24, 2009
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Entertainment on social sites, such as twitter.
I need some twittertainment tonight on my ipad 2 !
by Raul MD. (Risat) November 20, 2011
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