The act of posting one tweet after another, thus filling up your followers feed.
Jack just twitter bombed my feed. He posted seven tweets right in a row about the same damn thing.
#bomb #twitter #annoying #social networking #bad habits
by Nachtein January 24, 2012
Top Definition
To pollute the stream of a Twitter hashtag by tweeting a meaningless, satirical, or spamlike tweet containing the hashtag. Usage is comparable to googlebomb.
McDonald's marketers were horrified as #mcdstories, meant to solicit positive tweets about experiences at the restaurant chain, was twitterbombed with replies like "I ate a Big Mac and got the shits for 24hrs. #mcdstories"
#twitterbombs #twitter bomb #twitter bombing #twitterbombing #twitterbombed #twitter bombed
by bselig November 07, 2012
When people following you on twitter get mobile device updates from your tweets. Most humorous when they are all in the same room.
During our meeting, I tweeted how bored I was and unknowingly sent a twitterbomb to everyone in the room.
#twitter #spam #tweet #tweetbomb #bomb
by kcsat0m1k February 03, 2010
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