A place for stalkers.
People willingly tell parts of their life, known as "tweeting" and anyone can freely view their posts.
Who's this guy that keeps replying to my tweets on Twitter. He's following me and I don't even know him!
by McMinorrrRocks April 13, 2009
Twitter is a social networking site, where you can update your status or look/reply to someone else's status.
I update my Twitter because I'm bored.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
A synonym for the phrase, "What the fuck is this?". Twitter is a rediculously stupid social network where one can share their thoughts through 5-character long messages, similar to Myspace's status updates.
I have just Twittered, "G4TV"! So fucking awesome!
by Teh n00b WTF June 26, 2009
A dumb networking site where people post what they're doing every five minutes, when no one really even listens.
Ex: I'm sitting on my porch right now.

Ex: I'm reading a magazine right now.

Ex: I'm eating.

Yeah, Twitter's pretty dumb.
by Is it that obvious? December 10, 2009
The most succesful unorginized social network in the world.
On Twitter I have to use an @ symbol to tag people, and it takes up part of my text allowance. What the fuck?
by uggson April 04, 2015
Person 1: "Hey, man, I was on Twitter last night, and-"
Person 2: "Twitter?"
Person 1: "Yeah."
Person 2: "Dude, I don't think we can be friends anymore."
by edasenaz May 14, 2010
1. A website that is completely irrelevant to life in general. Basically meant for celebrities, but used by idiots that think people give a shit what they 'tweet' about.

2. Another way to hear things from Shaq that make you giggle inside a little bit.
1. Joe the plummer: Oh boy, now that I know how to use twitter people will finally know who I am and care about what I say!

Nobody: .......

2. Bob: Hey Jim! Did you get the latest silly thing from Shaq (giggling).

Jim: Yeah I did (not giving a flying fuck), but I still am bewildered why the hell anyone else uses this.
by Kickenwings June 15, 2009
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