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a social media nuisance with hopes of becoming famous with the use of bad quality music and spam. sometimes the following : follower ratio may fool you into thinking they're famous, but don't let this fool you, it's not hard to purchase a fake following.
Bob: Yo, Young Greatness just followed me on Twitter. I've never heard of him tho..
Phil: Check out his music, he's probably on the come up.

*Bob checks out Young Greatness's music*

Bob: Woah, this... this doesn't sound very good..
Phil: Come on, man. Are you already a hater?
Bob: No, dude. Here take a listen.

*Phil listens*

Phil: Woah, this is terrible, who signed this guy?

*Both do Google searches*

Bob: I'm not seeing anything..
Phil: Me neither...

Both: Twitter Rapper...
by AyeDumbDumb July 17, 2014
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