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On July 19th 2014 all the hateful/rejected/sadistic/heartless bastards on Twitter post compromising images (i.e. nudes) of people who trusted them with said images.
Asshole boyfriend: "She said No... Oh this bitch goin' down" *posts nudes of now ex-girlfriend on Twitter* "Hahahahahaha #Twitter Purge"
by Jarnoy Walotts July 19, 2014
On Luly the 19th all thots/hoes/squallys/sluts will be exposed to what they really are. It is only for 24 hours.
"Omgee Girl! You heard about that twitter purge?"
"Nah, Why?"
"Well You need to hit up your girl Ashley before her feelings get hurt. They exposing thots all day"
"Well she's fucked..."
"My point exactly. She better delete her twitter or something."
by Heaven's Squad! July 13, 2014
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