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A common software mod for the wii. By use of a glitch in "Zelda: Twilight Princess," you can play unauthorized homebrew software and illegal copies or backups of wii and gamecube games without having to install a modchip. It also enables you to play games from other regions (ie Japanese games on a US Wii).

Because the hack requires loading a hacked save file, a Wii, a copy of "Zelda: Twilight Princess", and an SD card are required. And it requires a GENUINE copy of the game for WII, no gamecube or pirated versions.

This *does* void the warranty, but only *if* Nintendo finds out.
"Whoa, how'd you play that Japanese game on your American Wii without installing a mod chip?"

"I used the Twilight Hack. Go look it up on Urban Dictionary."
by chickenwing71x January 05, 2009