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Adding 4 zips of codine to a deuce of yo favorite drank
You sit on twenty fos, i sip on twenty fos
by RIP-FatTone November 27, 2008
1: insane bad ass rims that were made for good cars but people just decide to shave their wheel well and make them fit on their shitty little cars

2: a bad ass way niggers can launder some money

3: a means of measuring one's gangster level
1: "check out that mick with the neon and his twenty fo's!"
"what a dumb ass... those rims are worth more than his car"

2: "22's, 24's all we roll...I'm a dope rider fa' sho"

3: "did you see those rims they were twenty four inches large!"
" did you just say?!"
"twenty fo's** sorry!!"
by [Ballin] April 26, 2007
Twenty Fo is when ya be screwin a hoe in da shower for 24 hours seven days a week, MA NIGGA
"I did dose twenty fo's all week ma nig"
by CrackaNigga5000 July 22, 2006
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