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A Crazy little blonde chick who wants to kill people with a knife and light their balls on fire. Thus waiting to eat green jello while petting her fat pug.
Oh shit did u hear? That tweetybird is gonna kill me.
by =OoN= ShadowMan August 19, 2008
9 4
One who Tweets about every event that happens to them all throughout the day.
Jim: Hey, Michelle is "now doing laundry"

Ted: Yeah, she's a total Tweety Bird.
by DontLookBackInAnger July 08, 2009
39 14
white trashy girls who date black guys and stand outside wal-mart wearing ragedy tweety bird shirts
becca and katie are such tweety birds!
by tn tech June 20, 2008
25 12
a fun loving sexy bird that is on the cartoon loney tunes and is just so luvable
"I tat i taw a puddy tat" tweety bird said
by datgurludntknoe July 09, 2009
19 14
The mascot for the most amazing BBG chapter in all of BBYO (Beshert BBG). Loves to flop, shmee, and act weird. Colors for Tweety are yellow and blue. Contrary to popular belief, Tweety bird is a boy!
See that yellow thing flopping in the corner? Soo Tweety Bird.
by tburd June 04, 2012
3 3
to describe someone, usually a male, resembling that of the fictional yellow canary named "Tweety Bird" in the Loony Toon cartoons. This person has a problem speaking because they smoke copious amounts of weed, is afraid of pussy, and has a rounded top-heavy head resembling Tweety Bird himself. This person is usually very thin, because they eat just like a bird.
"Hey Tweety Bird, i tought i saw a putty tat."
by Dr. Jimmy Brungus November 21, 2011
6 6