A girl scenester/emo, normally sporting lots of red, white and black, twee little bows and so much polka dot your eyes bleed. They usually type their Myspaces in an incredibly irritating fashion; for example, "lollipops. holding hands. kisses. boys. panic! at the disco." etc, etc.
Check out that tweemo. She looks like a Pipette on acid.
by Kate Holmes August 08, 2006
Top Definition
A hybrid of music between 'Twee' and 'Emo.'
Bands such as 'Los Campensinos!' may be considered Tweemo
by larry.lavern February 10, 2008
An emo-tween
"Did you see all those tweemos at the premier for Twlight?"
by Nitch84 December 24, 2008
Being emo on Twitter
You hear Matt tweeting about how he is always alone? Why is he being so tweemo lately.
by Life Sucks Again March 25, 2009
a little loser who tramps around in claires accessories finest (mainly checkered wristbands, skull shaped earrings and stupid synthetic material pink ties). basically really dykey and dopey looking kiddies from 9-14 years old who wanna be emo like haylee williams and blantantly lie and pretend to slit their wrists... They also brag about liking bands when they dont even know their music cos their friend likes them
did you see her fake eyebrow stud? god shes such a little tweemo!
by Bronagh September 20, 2008
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